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Summit is committed to your privacy which is very important to us. This notice sets forth the type of non-public personal information we collect, how that information is used by us and how we protect your information.


Although Summit only intends to contract with entities and not private individuals, certain non-public personal information may be collected by us in the course of providing services to entities we contract with.


What information do we collect ?

We may collect information from you as part of conducting due diligence which may include such items as your name, residential address, place of birth, age and certified picture identification.


What do we use that information for ?

Any information we collect from you may be used in the usual course of business to meet legal, regulatory and best practice requirements.


Your information will not be sold, exchanged or transferred however we may disclose the information we collect to certain non- affiliated third parties such as, but not limited to, legal counsel, auditors and regulatory bodies to enable us to provide requested services and to meet legal, regulatory and best practice requirements.


How do we protect your information ?

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information. The information we maintain will not be held longer than is considered necessary.